4 Marketing Technologies You’ll Use Sometime in the Future if You Own a Business

Wanting to own a business? To be your own boss sounds really good. However, if don’t want to see this dream broke before it comes true, it is mandatory for you to know having a business implies developing certain ability you should know, called ‘digital marketing’.

For mastering such field, you must know these 5 Marketing Technologies which will allow your business to be successful:

An easy-to-learn Email address

It will help you to stay in front of customers and other prospects who have said they want to hear about your offerings. With such a well-known tool, you will ask for permissions to mail your customers valuable content adapted to its main interests. In order to accomplish this task, it is recommended to use marketing automation programs such as Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Mobile apps

Nowadays, most of the e-mails are opened through the phone. But mail it’s not enough when building a successful business. So developing an app through which your customers could be quickly in touch with the company will make your business achievements come faster.


Google AdWords remarketing, Ad Roll and Perfect Audience (from Marin Software), are 3 leading tools you must use to show people that have already demonstrated to be interested in your website, advertisements of your company in any other website they visit. Those will help you confirm your customer’s attention every now and then.

Marketing Automation

Including analytics, this type of tool also tracks what people do when they enter your website, and personalize its content to promote and facilitate your sales. Examples of such tools are Marketo, InfusionSoft, and HubSpot.

There are too many tools which will help you to develop your business, but it’s necessary to acknowledge the fact you should develop your marketer spirit, and with intelligence and willingness you will have real success.

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