Hi there, my name is Sara Haynes, and since I was young, I had a constant passion for the world of technology and the advances they have, especially in our modern society, not to mention the remarkable impact it has in the way we use marketing in our lives.

From marketing 2.0 to digital marketing, is well known technology changed the way we use the techniques of traditional marketing. The modern marketing is way different and innovated, and it requires a proper training and learning system to dominate the subject.

That’s why I founded “Tracker Productions”, a blog where marketing and technology are the main focus. And with articles which go in-depth in these subjects, “Tracker productions” is a site able to teach you everything about the world of modern marketing, and the new improvements in the field of technology in general.

With internet making a notable impact in marketing, and how fast the technology is evolving, is important to keep track of all these news. That’s why in “Tracker Productions”, we offer a complete and detailed coverage in the latest news of marketing, and also, the new advances in technology so you can be totally informed about the future of tech in general, and the way marketing works in the social media.